Lauren Bamford
Glass of cold water with newspapers             Shopping for records             Old suitace             Women holds hair in front of mirror             Fire escape staircase             German shepherd dog barks from behind wire fence             Dave Lerner on stage with bass guitar             Man with spikey hair drives yellow corvette             Luke in carpark with man leaning against truck  watching from background             Love of Diagrams written in chalk             Woman in front of yellow wall with graffiti             Old sign on the side of a cinema that says California             Shelves holding boxes of band merchandise             Tall Palm trees in California             Old car covered in stenciled Louis Vuitton logo               Sunset on a street in Los Angeles             Love of Diagrams on stage in Illinois             Streetscape viewed from above             Old buildings in Chicago             Graffiti on wall             Dave Lerner on stage in Minnesota             Inside a taxi at night             Old abandoned truck and scrap metal on the side of a train track             Dave Lerner in Texas             Graffiti backstage             Love of Diagrams on stage in Massachusetts             Backstage wall covered in band stickers             Open fields in Oregon with shadow cast by clouds             Drumming             Car breakdown on the side of the road with luggage unloaded             Dave Lerner reading a book sitting on a rock             Streetscape in Houston             Ford truck outside a house in Houston             Stevie Ray Vaughan mural on a wall of a guitar shop in Texas             Waiting to cross the road in Texas at sundown             Outstretched leg on a wooden floor in a red light             Hotel lobby sign about breakfast             Pink cloud over a carpark in Oregon             Trucker cap on a dashboard in the rain             Bowling alley in Michigan             Love of Diagrams on stage in Michigan             Grassy Lawn outside a house in Texas             Cloud formation over a Holiday Inn in Washington             Public Market clock sign in Washington             Paving with names on it             Shelves full of records             Stacks of US mail crates             Love of Diagrams on stage in Washington             A bird flys across the sky in Washington             People in MOMA gallery viewed from above             Security guard and artwork at MOMA gallery             Girls walk down the stairs at MOMA gallery             Man in New York subway             BJ Rubin             Busker in New York subway             Stairs with yellow tape             Cases for musical instruments